No Rubber Stamps for Nuclear. Just Real Oversight.

Dear Friends,

Our nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station (CGS), provides a power supply at low rates. But that energy comes with the potential risk to all of our safety and requires stronger oversight than what we have now. 

That’s why I’m so concerned that there have been 26 emergency shutdowns of this plant since 2000. An emergency shutdown is called a SCRAM. The last one was in 2018. SCRAMs can be caused by a human error or some sort of malfunction.

In 2018, 15 out 51 control room operators also failed their re-qualification exams. 

Nuclear plants must dispose of waste, safely. Energy Northwest (who runs the CGS) violated state and federal regulations 12 times in just three years shipping radioactive waste. In 2017, their license to dispose of waste was revoked indefinitely and they were put on a federal watch list (one of only 14 in the country). 

Why is this important?

My opponent serves on the Energy Northwest board and has never asked one single question about efforts to keep our nuclear power supply safe for our families. 

On the board, the current commissioner’s participation is scant. He has attended board meetings. But that’s about it.

It’s time for a PUD Commissioner who will take oversight of our nuclear power supply seriously. Our children’s safety is at stake.

As your next PUD Commissioner, I will ask the tough questions about nuclear energy and demand that all precautions are made to keep that power safe. I will also keep the public informed about these efforts by holding public hearings. 

I will not be a Commissioner that gives a rubber stamp to nuclear power.

I’d be honored to have your vote.

Bruce King