With COVID-19, we are facing a new reality during the pandemic but also beyond. Residents in our cities usually have at least one high-speed option for their family. But in our rural areas, broadband can be impossible to find because it is simply too expensive for providers to build the infrastructure.

As PUD Commissioner, Bruce’s first priority will be connecting all Snohomish County and Camano Island. 

COVID-19 Means We Work and Learn From Home

Work and school will take place mostly online during the pandemic. It will continue far beyond COVID-19. To stay competitive economically and to teach our children, we must have fiber optic internet. 

Rural Areas Need Access Now

With no high-speed internet access, our rural neighbors are paying high prices for slow service. While DSL and satellite internet options provide some service, the speeds just don’t compare to today. Continuing to deny our rural areas access to high-speed internet will further the economic disparity between our urban and rural areas.

Increase Broadband Choice in Cities

Most of our cities only have one fiber optic internet provider. We all know that service is better with more competition. The PUD building a fiber optic infrastructure will promote competition and choice for consumers. It will also force current providers to upgrade their networks, giving you access to even better internet.

Good for the Economy

Places that don’t have fiber optic internet will have a hard time retaining and recruiting businesses. They will also have a hard time attracting high-paid earners who want to telecommute. 

Connect Schools and Municipal Governments

If the PUD owns fiber optic lines, it is possible to ensure all our schools and governments have high-speed internet at low to zero cost, saving taxpayer money and giving you better service.

PUD Telephone Poll Infrastructure

The PUD owns and manages the telephone poles across Snohomish County and Camano Island. By running fiber optic cables throughout our region, the PUD can partner with internet providers so everyone has access to universal high-speed internet.

And that’s what Bruce will do.