If the PUD offers internet, who pays for it?

There are currently 500 million dollars available in federal grants to provide internet to  underserved communities.  I propose to apply for and secure as much of that money as we can for the benefit of our community.

Other PUDs in Washington state have provided routes where communities could pay for the installation themselves, to get it sooner, on a voluntary basis.  We'll have all options available.

How will you spend more of the PUDs budget local?

The simple way to do that is to have the PUD actively seek companies that can provide goods or services to the PUD and give them the help they need to bid on, and win the bids that the PUD puts out there.  They'll have to compete for those bids, but we'll make the process as easy as we can, and competitive bidding keeps our costs down.

Why are you running for office?

I just don't think that the PUD commission is very responsive to its customers.  Heres why:

When I purchased my farm in Arlington in 2013 and moved my operation there from ebey island, I had power outages 38 times in the first year.   I called my elected official to ask for his help - and he told me to go climb a rope and hung up on me!

The service was so terrible that I couldn't operate my business, and had to install backup generators and equipment to make sure that my farm could continue to operate.

I ran against him in 2014 and in that election we talked about the service and reliability, and I was able to effect change - I'll note that the PUD spent millions upgrading their systems following that election, and are now publishing the audio of the commission meetings as I suggested they do.  Good for the community, and the service is better for everyone.  

Since then I've spent the last 4 years watching the PUD and its operations, and I've come to the conclusion that the best route, about the only thing that the commission listens to, is elections.

In those 4 years I've asked that the PUD study providing internet.  I've asked for better oversight on major projects, and I've watched them waste tens of millions of dollars on projects they start, and then cancel.

I think its time that there was accountability on the PUD commission.  I've put my ideas out there, and said in broad strokes what I propose to do.  If you agree with me that we need a more local, responsive and thrifty utility, please vote for me.

And internet is part of the mix that the utility should be offering, for our homes, businesses and schools.

What do the other people running for this office think about [x]

I can't speak for them; I can only speak for me.  But if you like what I'm saying here, feel free to ask them directly.  Knowing where they stand on things  you care about is a big reason people choose to vote for one candidate over another.

Bottom line - a candidate should bring ideas and energy to the table.  If they don't, why are they running?

If you have questions for me please drop me a note and I'll add them to this FAQ.  Press the "Take Action" menu item at the top of the page